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Our Foundation is Built on Family Values

Originally founded in 1999 - formed as a family Real Estate business, however the new current focus is to build this into a household brand that is recognised in all homes across South Africa.

The Director's and Management team have over 70 years combined Real Estate experience and can offer professional Real Estate advice to all homeowners free of charge.

We value family, that is why you should choose us to help you with your most valuable asset should you be selling, buying or renting residential property.

Why choose Us?

At PerryWood Properties we value Family, so we offer professional and honest advice free of charge to all homeowners.

We believe that property is the single most important asset every person will want to invest in, either for wealth or growing a family. Either way we will give you the best & most honest advice possible. For us it isn't about the payday but rather that all our clients feel they got the best attention at all times.

We believe that it isn't a brand that makes homeowners decide on which agent they want to use, rather the knowledge and help that each of our well trained property practitioners can offer to you the homeowner.

We will sell your home in the shortest possible time, at the highest possible price, with minimum inconvenience and maximum communication.

Meet us today and see the difference.

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